Sunday, January 9, 2011

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Finding accommodation in London, England

Finding accommodation in London to suit you is not easy. Demand is very strong and rents are very expensive. Rent you pay for weekly or monthly depending on where you live. The rent will depend mainly on the area where you live.

I will suggest you some very interesting sites that deal in detail about the search for accommodation in London. The first site is called "Working in England" and offers specialized sites in the rental property on the web, sites specialized ads in London, general sites classified ads, real estate agencies and websites specializing in research on collocation of London or England more generally. To read the article in question you can click here: Finding accommodation in London, England or the United Kingdom .

A second site very detailed addresses the issue of housing in London is the site Generation Expat. The author of the article itself quickly find the accommodation once you arrive in London and makes you enjoy his feedback. To read this article you can click here: England - find accommodation .

"England - find a home" on Generation Expat

Another comprehensive site that deals with the issue of accommodation London and England is the site EasyExpat. You can get an idea of rental prices for different types Lodging, areas and neighborhoods. To read this article you can click here: Finding Accommodation, Rooms, Hostels in London .

"Finding Accommodation, Rooms, Hostels in London" on EasyExpat


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